What Kind of Interview Questions are Asked to A Digital Marketing Freshers?

digital marketing interview questions

What Kind Of Interview Questions are Asked To A Digital Marketing Fresher?

Digital marketing has become the talk of the town for couple of years. I have seen many people in past few years, including myself, shifting towards digital marketing. Whether you are a fresher, working professional or homemaker, digital marketing skills can help you to shape up your career. Learning digital marketing is not a big thing, you have many institutes offering the digital marketing course near you also you have many YouTube video to learn from. But what is important is getting a job in digital marketing field. I have interacted with many students and agency guys (interviewers) regarding the interview process and what I can sense from interviewers is students are unable to answers some basic questions in digital marketing when asked.

So today I thought let me help my students who are struggling with digital marketing interview questions.

I have list down some interview questions on SEO & Google Ads that may come your way, so go through them before pitching for your interview.

Let’s first start with some SEO interview questions for fresher:

Q.1 What is SEO and How many types of SEO are there?

Answer :
Part 1: SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a technique which is used to bring website traffic organically. SEO also helps in improving our web-page rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Part 2: SEO is classified into two categories, first On-Page SEO and Second, Off Page SEO. On Page SEO is not only about what we write on our website/web page but also how we write. On Page SEO focuses on optimising our content for a keyword. We can use or insert the focus keyword in Meta title, Meta Description, Headlines (H1/H2/H3), Image Optimisation (Alt Tags), building internal & external links via anchor text and more. Whereas when other website talk about our website that’s what is called Off Page SEO. When a user clicks our website link on other’s website and lands to our website that’s called Off-Page SEO and the process of link building is known as backlinks. Off Page SEO is all about building backlinks so that it can help us to improve our search engine ranking.

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Q2. Which tool will help you to check which keyword are bringing organic traffic to your website?

Answer: Search Console or Google Webmaster tool. Google Search Console can help me in analysing the queries for which my websites was shown(Impression) & clicked. I can check the impression, clicks, CTR % and Average position for all the keywords that are naturally bringing traffic to my site.

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Q3. What are Backlinks?

Answer: When a visitor clicks a link of my website on other’s website and lands to my webpages/website that’s known as backlinks.

Q4. What is Google SandBox?

Answer: In simpler terms, Google Sandbox is a filter which puts new website on probation and kept them lower in search ranking for their top keywords. This is done to discourage spam sites from rising quickly on SERP.

Q5. What is the difference between Do-Follow & No-Follow links?

Answer: Do-Follow and No-Follow are link attributes and plays an important role in website ranking. While doing backlinks, if we get Do-Follow links from other website then it helps Google bot to follow them and reach our website. This helps in getting a backlink and
giving us the link juice. But if we get No-follow link then only humans will be able to visit our website and not the Google bot resulting no backlinks and no link juice.

Q6. Which tools you will use to do competition analysis on backlinks and keywords?

Answer: Since there are many tools available but I have been using the tools like SEM RushSimilarweb and Rankwatch for competition analysis and other SEO analysis. For keyword research I prefer using Google Keyword planner tool but can also use tools like Google Trends and Ubersuggest.

There are many more interview questions in SEO but these are very basic and can give you some idea on how to answer them.

Now let’s view some of the Google Ads Interview Question that may come your way in the interview.

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Q1. What Is Quality Score?

Answer: Quality score is a rating given based on the quality and relevance of your keyword and google ads. Quality score helps in determining the cost per click (CPC) and ad rank of our ad. Quality score is given out of 10 points, higher the points the better it is for the ads.

Q2. Can you explain different types of keyword match types?

Answer: Yes, in Google ads, there are mainly four types of keyword match types are there which we can use for our ads.

  1. Broad Match: 

Broad match helps in increasing our reach as under broad match type our ad will be shown whenever any variation of our keyword is used in a search. (For E.g., Let say your keyword is Online shopping, so your ad will be shown when a user type best online shopping, online mobile shopping etc.)

  1. Phrase Match: 

Phrase match on the other hand narrows our reach by showing our ad only when the search term contains our keyword in the phrase only. For example, Our keyword is Online shopping then our ad will only be shown when someone types best online shopping and not on online mobile shopping. Phrase match symbol is “ “

  1. Exact Match: 

When we are using “Exact match” then our ads will only be shown for the specific keyword we are bidding on or close variants of that keyword. Exact match symbol is [ ]

  1. Negative Match: 

When you don’t want to show your ad for a keyword in that scenario you will use negative match. For example, when you add “cheap” as a negative keyword to your campaign or ad group, you tell Google Ads not to show your ad for any search containing the term “cheap”

Q3. What strategy will you use to control the cost of the ad?

Answer: I will suggest two strategy that can help in reducing the CPC of my ad. First, Improve the Quality Score of the keywords and ads. Second use of different match types for your keywords.

Q4.What are the metrics you will track for your search, display and video campaign?

Since there are many metrics under Google ads but some of them are very crucial as they gives us the understanding on how our ads are performing. For Search and display Campaign I will track following KPIs,

  • Impression
  • Clicks
  • CTR%
  • CPC Cost
  • Total Cost of my ads
  • Conversion count
  • Conversion %
  • Quality score
  • CPM
  • VCpm
  • Reach
  • Engagement Rate

For video ads I will track following KPIs as per suggested by Google:

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Q5. How will you plan the Google ads strategy?

Answer: My Google ads strategy starts with identification of Goals (Awareness, Consideration and Conversion) [I normally refer to it as ACC] followed by the campaign type and the Keyword planning. I will then do a budget planning so that it can help me in getting the best outcome within my budget. Once the budget and keyword planning is done I will then create my ad copy (please create minimum 2 ad copy) and will then monitor my ad post publishing.

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So these are some of the digital marketing interview question that a fresher may face in SEO or Google Ads. I hope these interview question & answers on SEO & Google ads are of some use to you. Do practice SEO and Google Ads before your interview and if you have any doubts feel free to comment I will get back to you.

All The Best for your career in Digital Marketing.

Thanks for reading!

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