Those Days!

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Let Me Take you to those days glory,
Where Young ones goes to dreams post bed time stories,
Let’s Recap our memories from morning to night,
Where our memories use to stay with us and not in some device!

From where do I start and where do I End,
Those days were all about U Me and our Friends,
Let’s begin our journey from our old school days,
Where “All Indian Are my brother & Sister + except One” was my daily pledge!

Getting up early was such a herculean task,
But entire house was behind me to reach school fast,
Class copy – Home work copy… confusion,
Anyway Teachers use to praise those who use to take their tuitions!

Annual Day Sports Day was like a festival,
Half of the class was empty post interval,
Exam were more scary then sony channel Aahat,
Invigilators use to screw our plan by standing in front of Us!

Weekend use to end as if its one Day,
But still manage to see “Ducktails” & “Tailspin” every Sunday,
Finding a cricket pitch on ground, during Sunday’s was our early morning task,
“Batting or Bowling”, after toss, our captain always use to Ask!

Farewell Party is still one of my emotional Days,
It was the worst way to say, hey, Today is your last day!
Juniors were happy, teachers were a bit sad,
We were totally confused as college was our next launchpad,

College was the best days of my life,
I learned literally nothing, but my marks were fine!
What an amazing bunch of useless guys we were,
No clue about the Semester but wanted to get placed everywhere

No Selfies, no gadget still we had fun,
Friend’s pocket money was the only thing, on which our month use to run!
No FB, No twitter to check friends latest news,
Our grapewine was so strong that we knew who was going with whom!

Telephone was there only to receive calls,
Still we use to take a risk to give her a blank call,
Caller id Helped to recall who called,
If it was from her, then that was the best day of all!

School got over, college was finished,
Heading towards earning, oh shit wat is this,
Can I go back again before I enter this vicious earning phase,
My hearth keep recalling Those Lovely memorable Days!

Lets take a pledge, for our future old days,
Live everyday as if you are building your “Those days”,
Every phase gives you some memorable stuff to cherished,
What will you do with money if your memories are vanished,

I Enjoyed My Days, I am enjoying my days,
I am sure with current stuff, I will have my Future “Those Days”

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