The Life Stanza

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I Don’t know why stars twinkle?
I don’t know why water sprinkle?
I don’t know why my skin will get crinkles?
I don’t know….because my mind is fickle….

I don’t know why nights are dark?
I don’t know why skies are far?
I don’t know why being educated is hard?
I don’t knowbecause my desire and reality are ways apart….

I don’t know why I want to recall my childhood days?
I don’t know why I need to be present on every social page?
I don’t know what are my achievements for the time that has phased?
I don’t know….because I am busy in collecting my daily wages…..

I don’t know what will I leave for my generation to come?
I don’t know whatever I have saved will be enough or some?
I don’t know what will be the consequences of whatever I have done?
I don’t knowbecause I always wanted to be Someone….

I wish I knewI wish I flew,
The destination I want to reach is crossed by few,
There is no more Tomorrow that I want to borrow,
I will focus on my happiness and will set aside my sorrow…

Follow your Heart and rest will follow you!!

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