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Dedicated to My Wife!

To do something in life is not a big task, 
Its just a matter of  following your guts & mastering the art.
Wondering on the thought, weather anybody has proven?
Do not forget that class of humanwhich is know as WOMAN!

Ashwini Kumar Bissa

Whether showering hospitality or showing strong mentality,
She does everything for a better humanity!
From being a cook to being a COO,
No matter whatever the place be, She has always been excellent in her move.

Whether, being in a movie or being in a city,
The purpose of her presence has always been “Dignity”.
She need’s no appreciation nor She need’s any favour,
She looks for equality, irrespective of her cast, creed or colour.

Everybody is free and everybody fight for their right,
Then why we make a noise when woman enjoys her right,
Woman leaves her homewoman leaves her name,
What have you left, A dominating gender called Male.

She plays many role, yet she faces many troll,
She manges her office along with her home.
She fills your stomach..She fills your home,
But, still we end up doing something which makes her feel alone.

We Joke on her, We poke on her,
But still she manages to make a way for her.
They say, every man has his day,
I believe, women cruise everyday.

She cries, when you cry..She smiles, when you smile,
But still we point a doubt on her life style.
What will happen, if she starts behaving like me?
My life will be tossed up & will be on my knee.

He didnt choose to be a man, She didn’t choose to be a woman,
Then why we choose physicality to discriminate the potential of men & women.
Respect, Freedom & Equality is what they expect from all of us,
Not as a Charity but by lovehonesty and trust.

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