Bakasur, the name itself suggests someone who is giant, huge & have extraordinary consumption capacity and to serve him or to quench his hunger, is not in everybody’s capacity. Our Hunger has also increased in recent times and to quench our hunger we have drastically increased our consumption also, Hey wait I am not talking about “Food”, am talking about our “Digital” consumption and how’s India’s Internet Behaviour has changed over the years.

We are always looking for “More”, more space in the phone, more options in camera, more features in the app that we use in-fact now we are inclined to buy only those devices which are interconnected. And that’s why sometimes one thought comes to my mind, are we becoming the “Digital Bakasur”?

To understand how we are growing with the internet, I have done some secondary research on this and have listed down 5 interesting internet facts on India’s internet behaviour, so let’s have a glance on it :

1st, The Growing Internet User Community:

Internet is slowly getting into our daily diet list and we are becoming more active on social media than ever before, as of Jan 2018, 40% of the global population are actively using social media platforms and in coming years social media user community will be growing bigger & bigger and one of the main reason is the urge of being digital & staying connected 24×7. Have a look at the infographic.

Diigitus Global Internet Trend

2nd, Not Only Globally but locally also we are growing:

India, with 34% internet penetration as of Jan 2018, is still far behind when globally compared, but we have picked up at right time and that’s what matters. Since 2011, India’s internet penetration has grown from 10% to 34% in 2018 and this is just the beginning. In India, the craze or growth of the internet can also be judged by “Active Facebook User” and we are at the top with 250 million users as of Jan 2018 followed by the USA (230 million users) and Brazil (130 million users). Indians on an average spend 2hrs & 26 mins on social media via any device each day, which is better than 23 countries but behind by 16 countries. When it comes to considering new technologies as an opportunity rather than risk, digital optimism, India stands 2nd with 79% of the population believing in digital optimism and is open to exploring new technologies.

India's Internet Behaviour

3rd, Look at the Time Sept on Internet(any device/mobile device):

With reference to “We Are Social – Digital 2018 Report”, Time spent per day on the internet gives a clear idea on how much time we devote to the internet on a daily basis. India is not far away from being one of the top countries in terms of time spent over the internet. And this has contributed majorly in India’s Internet Behaviour.

  • On an Average we spent 7hrs & 25m in a day over the internet (any device), now that’s 30% of the day’s time
  • Out of the 7hrs & 25m, we spent 3hrs & 32m on mobile internet, I know you think its less, but that’s what survey say!!
  • Indians on an average spend 2hrs & 26 mins on social media via any device each day, which is better than 23 countries but behind by 16 countries.

4th, What are we (Indians) doing on the Internet?

  • Now you will ask me what we do on the internet for so long, well some of the platforms that we are stick on to are – Whatsapp/FB/Instagram/FB messenger /Snapchat & list continues. But the top social media platform in India (activity based) that we are hook on to are :
    • Facebook – 30%
    • Youtube -30%
    • Watsapp – 28%
    • FB Messanger – 20%
    • Instagram – 19%

Are you using these platform on a daily basis?

  • To understand exactly what are we doing on the internet, let’s understand first how frequently we use the internet for the personal reason on any device?


  • Secondly, let’s have a glimpse on what activities we are engaged in at least once a week on the internet on mobile?

Digital Bakasur

Lastly, Are we really buying over the internet?

Are we really doing online shopping? Yes, we are, I am buying at least once a month something or the other from the different online marketplace that exists(now this is my own experience), what about you? Let me put some numbers to give you an idea about our e-commerce activities in past 30 days, and you can decide where do you fit in this pie?

Digital Bakasur Grid

Now that’s a few data points on how are we growing with the internet, we are continuously looking for Images, Videos, Infographics, Memes, Gif, Maps, Trends, Searches, Nearby and what not to quench our digital hunger…and that’s why all businesses, social influencers, YouTubers and bloggers are also updating their menu card on a regular basis to quench our digital consumption requirements!! The Only time we are not glancing over the net is when we are sleeping!!! but having said that, we love & enjoy being on the internet and will keep looking & validating our curiosity on it. That’s why I think we are heading towards becoming “The Digital BAKASUR” Don’t you think so?

And by the way, my so-called BAKASUR datapoints are a reference from the “We Are Social Digital Report 2018”.

Thanks for Reading – Keep Reading & Keep Digitising!!

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