The Curious Case Of “Job vs. Business” Decision!!

Ashwini Kumar Bissa Blog

Before I come to the point, I know a lot of us have come across this dilemma regarding whether to do a job or pursue with a business in life. I know & have read that lots of people shift from Job to Business post 15yrs of work experience or so and to be very honest, that’s a very brave decision to make, just imagine this guy/lady has worked for more than 15yrs and now suddenly working in a scenario where you are no longer on a monthly “Salary Recharge” pack. Whether you are a 50+ person or a youngster or whether you are in your’s 30’s this is a very tough but important decision to make which can change the course of your life and sometime can change the world economy.

Ashwini Kumar Bissa Blog

Just imagine an Indian corporate world with Reliance, Wipro, Infosys, Tata’s & Birla’s….. Empty? Yes, if these guys would have also thought that it’s better to do a job than a business than many of our’s struggle to get into a job would have been doubled, because many still struggle to change their job but couldn’t, the reasons may vary. Now the counter attack to this will be that we are a service based economy and service sector contributes more than 50% of the GDP every year, so in this scenario the demand for people is huge in the service sector and this is one of the reasons why our colleges, universities & B-schools are preparing students to meet this demand across the country.

But having said that we need to come up with an infrastructure where we also nurture our upcoming or current generation for entrepreneurship so that we can continue in creating newer, bigger & better companies.

Below table will help all those who want to understand what to expect from a Job & what is stored in Business, these are my thoughts based on my experience…. Oh, I just forgot to mention that top 8 richest individual people in the world own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population (as per the Oxfam report)


Whether you are doing a Job or want to pursue one or want to be on the list of top 8, you should follow your passion in your work, now whether you meet that passion with Job or in business doesn’t matter, what matter is your satisfaction in what you give and what you get.


All the best in whatever you do & choose!

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