Swipe Swipe!! – The Social Media Poem

Social Media Poem
Swipe Swipe All The Day,
But No One Knows Which One Is Fake!
Pics & Videos all I glare,
Thumb Is my Key Player!
Selfie & filter are my everyday tools,
All I’m clicking is just to look cool!!
One swipe down and the feeds get reboot…
That’s when my post have lost its route.
Eyes are burning and fingers have tired
I’m still surfing as my WiFi has not died.
Look, Water and air are going for a long drive,
Hope they come back or we all are dried.
# Population is growing fast,
How many will I check as the list is large?
Videos are oned that have hooked me hard,
Let me Wake up before my IQ is depart.
Social Equality all are demanding,
Can we achieve this by just liking & commenting?
Let’s Getup & act to change our surrounding,
This is our chance to become the real King!
Life is busy with lot of Tension,
Let’s do something out of Passion!!
Let me Focus on what I have to do,
Chatting & selfie will not take me through!!
Thinking Deep, Thinking Hard,
Hope I Start before it’s Dark!
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