My Students will Prove You Wrong!

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My Student”s Prove You Wrong!

They say life without a guru is like a life without water!
I say life with your student is like life with your Daughter!

I am not a guru but am just a trainer,
My students are not just participant but participant with a Brainer!

Zeal in the heart, Passion in their efforts
Focus is stuffed with determination in their efforts!

The more you pull them down, the more they bounce back
Dont doubts their capability as they are my captain Jack!

They hold the future, they learn from the past
They enjoy the present with lots of giggles and laughs!

They have the force to turn coal into gold,
Some of them makes you believe that for learning you can never be Old!

Few are meschivears, few are acheivers
Few show teasers and few are dreamers!
They might be different but have a common thing
Sky might be the limit, but their attidute are in sink.

They can bring smile,they can bring tears
What ever said and done, their efforts are worth million chears!

Dont Force them, dont judge them,
Dont hold them, dont grudge them
Believe in them, find the dream in them,
Grace them and not chase them.

I bet you they will move you,
For once be the true you,
If People continue to sing the rat race song,
My Students will Prove them wrong!

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