It Costs Nothing!

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“Form one’s features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed“, that’s how internet defines “Smile”. Well for me it simply means “Happiness”, “Joy”, “Sense of Satisfaction”,”Emotions”, “Forgiveness”,”Being Sorry” and so on…..Smile is one such emotion that enriches the beauty of “being human”. Smile is the best mode to express one’s expression which says a lot, means a lot & conveys a lot.

You will probably agree that the most Adorable smile in this world is of a child, her smile worth a million & trillions of happiness to the person who is witnessing the moment, you may be a stranger in a bus/metro or any public place when you see a child smiling you revert with a smile…and your mood is uplifted and your day is made…

And what happens when a girl smiles? I think it defines Beauty to me in true sense.A beauty which irrespective of its age,color, caste & Status. A beauty that is so beautiful that makes your presence in this world worth it.

Now coming to the smile of a man…many a times we hear – “look he is blushing” and what reflects in that blushing ? Honesty. If Girl’s smile reflects “Beauty” then “Honesty” is reflected in a Man smile. Honesty can be anything, it can be his expression , emotions or his thoughts….

At times I have been in situations where I took my vehicle in a wrong way and a guy coming from front started staring at me in anger, I knew i did wrong and I realized…I smiled and seeked his forgiveness and offer my apologies, just one expression or a gesture which actually changed the mood of that person and we moved on….

We all have played cricket in street in our childhood and  remember that one shot of our super batsman which lands the ball in our neighbor’s balcony….I have been a part of such incidents many a times where our lovely neighbors come out fiercely, shouting & complaining but when he/she looks at the kids who are smiling and  pleading, they forcefully give the marching orders to the ball and our ball comes flying back to our ground….wow i really miss those days….

Friends, one thing I have realized over these so called matured years of mine, that, Smile is that natural human resource which is unlimited in stock but limited in supply. We negotiate to smile or hold our-selves to smile..I know we are in the era of Internet, Watsapp, FB, Twitter & Smartphones(which will actually make us dumb and fully dependent one day) where everything is and soon will be available on our single touch making us single and alone from others, we might be virtually close but physically very far…now a days we use smileys to express our-selves…but have you ever thought when are we going to use our own smile to express the same, which comes with so many power that can, if not solve, but can definitely ease our situation which can lead us to happiness… the ultimate goal of our life….

These days hatred is easily available than love and Anger is easily visible than happiness on our face…I know we all are some how stuck in our own livese and fighting really hard to come out of it…probably one smile of yours can bring some joy in someone’s life and probably from there, who knows, the marathon of happiness can kick off and good luck starts….you can be one of the igniter of this marathon for your surroundings. Do Wait not for the moment or hold not on your emotions to give a Smile….Whenever you get an opportunity to Smile…please smile…do not underestimate its potential…it can do miracles…..As they say “A Smile Costs Nothing”…

Keep Smiling & Spread Smiles!!!

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2 thoughts on “It Costs Nothing!

  1. Great Buddy!

    I have gone through ur Youtube channel.

    Make more videos future is yours!

    U have good capabilities of making the other people understand well,
    Many youtubers are not that much efficient as you are.
    Believe me future is your, Just keep putting your efforts.

    Good Luck.

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