Five Key Skill Every Digital Marketer Must Possess!

Five Key Skills For Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing courses are coming up very fast and many students & professionals are investing their time & money in learning the tactics of it. In India, where we have 1.2billion mobile users digital marketing becomes even more critical and important not only for brands but also for the executers, digital marketers.

Today many institutes across the streets are offering digital marketing courses, some complete the course within 30 days some take 3 months, some even more but what is missing is that not many, neither participants nor institutes, are focusing on sharping the other relevant skills that are required to be a digital marketer.

I, being a digital marketing trainer & consultant understand that only scaling up the knowledge on digital marketing topics will not make you 100% you need other skills as well.

So I decided to list down 5 key skills every digital marketer must possess.

Let’s begin with the first one,

Writing Skill

1.Writing Skill

This is one of the most important skill you must possess. This is what you would be doing as a digital marketer most of the time. This is what I am doing right now. Writing. You should learn how to write a Facebook or an Instagram Post, you should know how to compose a Tweet, you should be able to write a 300 + words blog post or an about us or product description for your client’s website that is what you will be asked to do as a digital marketer. Even if you wants to run Google Ads or any social media ad, you need to write headlines & descriptions. So it’s very important that as a digital marketing enthusiast, this is one skill you should enhance & focus on.

Now the question comes up, how do I enhance my writing skill? Should I join an English class? No, that’s not the solution, you need to start practicing reading & writing on a regular basis, that’s it. Check out the daily newspaper and read the article that interest you. Write five headlines and description for your favourite brands as if you are creating their Facebook/Instagram post. Start analysing brands ads on TV/Radio/Newspaper/Website etc or whenever you see them, this will help you in understanding what & how to write so that you connect with your audience.

Maths Skill

2. Maths Skill

Don’t Panic, I am not asking you to learn trigonometry or calculus, but I do want you guys to have a strong understanding about Percentage and Ratios. Look digital marketing is a “Data Driven Marketing” everything here gets tracked. There are KPI (Key Performance Indicators) which help you to understand how well your campaign or post performed. For example, If you are running Google ads, you will be checking CTR% of your ad, which is a ratio of clicks & impression but needs to be presented in % format.

Therefore it’s important that you should brush up your math skill, especially Percentage & Ratios. How to do it, very simple, catch hold your class 8 cousin or find some one and borrow his/her math book ( he/she will be very happy to give you) and practice the chapter percentage & ratio.

3. Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint Skill

Excel is one such skill that every office goer must possess. I have seen many people working with excel but lacking the skill when it comes to use Excel. It’s very strange that not many people focuses on sharping there excel or PowerPoint skill, knowing the fact that they will be using it to present their work.

As I said, digital marketing is a data driven marketing, now if you don’t know how to present your data then it will be difficult for you to justify your campaign success. No matter how good or bad your campaign is how you present it makes a lot of difference. There are many thing excel can help you with, like Graph Analysis, Pivot Analysis, Using Formulas & much more.

How to upgrade? Now this is something you will find hard to do it yourself. Therefore I suggest join a small course or attend a workshop on excel & PowerPoint and do continuous practice. I myself conduct excel workshop in Mumbai to help my students learn this skill. I have also listed my Excel & PPT course on Udemy, you can check out them as well.

Data Skill

4. Remembering Data & Facts

In Digital marketing, it’s all about numbers, and if you have a good memory, than that’s a plus for you. But if you are like me, then let’s figure out how we can use data points when it’s require the most. Most of the clients will not agree to you but they will definitely agree to data/facts. For example, if I say let’s create video content because that’s what everyone is hook onto will not create the impact on my team neither I will get the go ahead, but if I say, hey do you know 97% of the internet user in India watch online videos each month (Source : We Are Social Digital Report – India 2019), so let’s focus on video content more, don’t you think this will work?

There are many reports and facts check that you as a digital marketer must keep a note of it and use it as your tool to convince someone. It works wonders.

To begin with start with “We Are Social Report” or “Google Trends” website or “Consumer Barometer” as of now.

Staying Updated Skill

5. Staying Updated

What happened yesterday is history, Google, Facebook and other important platforms keeps updating their algorithm which means every time something new is coming up and if you are not up-to-date then you may miss out the feature which your competitor may explore and reach the right audience at the right time. Also staying updated can also help you in knowing what’s new and what’s outdated. Today technologies are enabling human life to do impossible and smarter things so if you are updated then its a ++ for you as a marketer.

How to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in digital marketing? Very simple, first of all, subscribe to Google search console blog newsletter, so that whenever they do changes you get the mail, secondly follow key influencers (On Twitter or Youtube) from the industry for any social media updates and third keep on researching on what’s new in digital world.

I hope you will work towards these skills set as they are definitely going to be your game changer and help you to become a complete digital marketer.

However if you are looking to clear some of your digital marketing doubts, please check out my post on “What Kind of Interview Questions are Asked to A Digital Marketing Freshers?”, still if you have any doubts or any thoughts please feel free to put across via commenting below to me. Will be happy to help you!!

Once Again Thanks for Reading!

Keep Digitising & Keep Learning

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