5 Online Marketing Tools (Free) You Must Hands On!!

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Learning digital marketing is fun!!

I think it’s one of the few course across all that one can Google, are not taught with the help of books (but, sometimes PPTs, they do bore me). Digital marketing is best learned when you do it what you have been taught. For example, if you want to learn SEO, write a blog post and do all that stuff (like on page & off page) have been taught to you or you have googled or youtubed and then check what’s your search ranking performance with the help of search console. Same way go and create Google Ads or design your social media campaign and execute it and check if your post or ads are able to deliver or achieve your goal(probably higher engagement rate or website clicks/conversion).

That’s how you should learn digital marketing.

But, hey this post is not about how to learn digital marketing, but what digital marketing tools you should be hands on before entering an interview room.

Tools in digital marketing plays a very important role in determining how good you are as a digital marketer. Without tools your digital marketing campaigns and efforts are only 50% because digital marketing is a “data driven marketing” and tools helps you with lots of data along with some valuable insights.

So let’s shift the focus to 5 simple but powerful (and free) digital marketing tools that you should be using during your learning phase.

1. Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most critical & powerful tool for digital marketers.

So, what exactly this google keyword planner does? You can use this tool in two scenario, First, when you are working on SEO projects (specially, On Page, like writing blog content or about us) and Second, when you are planning your search ads.

Keyword planner helps you with some critical data points for a particular keyword, which are very useful in deciding which keyword fits best as per our planning. 3 critical data points that one must look into for each keyword are:

  • Average Monthly Search volume
  • Competition Level
  • Keyword Bid Amount

google keyword planner tool

Now why these data points are important, is what we need to understand. Search volume helps us in understanding how many times a particular keyword has been searched by users. Whereas competition level explain how many of our competitors are using a particular keyword to show their ads. Competition level are further classify into three categories, Low/Medium/High. And lastly the bid amount, which gives us an idea on how much we need to bid or pay every time we get a click from this keyword (on first page).

And this is one tool you should be hands on because no matter which organisation you work, everyone is running google ads and wants to optimize their pages for certain keywords and improve their ranking. So being familiar with google keyword planner is a good investment of time as returns are guaranteed.

You can view my keyword planner tutorial Stage 1 & Stage 2, if you want to learn from scratch.

Google Keyword Planner Price: Free Free Free!!

2. Facebook Audience Insight

Not everyone is on Google, some hook on to social media also. Especially when it comes to engaging with brands, social media platforms are best options. And the name that immediately pops up in our mind when we talk about social media are either “Facebook” or “Instagram”. Facebook is today one of the most widely used social media app not only in India (300 million mau) but across the world. Therefore Facebook is one of the preferred social media platform for brands when it comes to reaching close to their audience or fans. Therefore it is important for us to understand what kind of pages and post people are engaging the most so that when we are given this responsibility we just deliver!

Facebook Audience Insight is the answer.

Facebook Audience Insight tool is basically an analytical tool that helps us in understanding the demographics and behavioral pattern not only about our audience but also about our competitors.

The entire tool is split into four dimension,

  • Demographic Wise Report
  • Page Likes Wise Report
  • Location Wise Report
  • Activity Wise Report

facebook audience insight tool

Facebook audience insight not only helps us with the above data points but also helps in understanding what type of content we should focus on for better engagement.

Just like Google Ads, no brand will opt out from running either Facebook or Instagram ads, so it’s better we all login to Facebook, go to your manage ads section and click “Audience Insight” and start understanding the pattern and make yourself familiar with the tool.

Want to know which social media platform has higher engagement rate, check it out!

Facebook Audience Insight Price: Free Free Free!!

3. Google Analytics

Now this is the big one! I keep saying in my classroom sessions that treat digital marketing like your two hands, your one hand should be specialized in any one of the skills, like SEO, Ads, Social Media, Email etc and dedicate your second hand to analytics skills.

If you can’t understand which source is driving traffic to your property then how can you design your future campaigns & conversions.

Google Analytics helps you in learning all that and much more.

Google analytics is one tool that helps you in analysing your entire property(website or app) from scratch and throws some key metrics (KPIs) values.

There are 5 broad level reporting tabs in google analytics which you should be going through:

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Audience Reporting
  • Acquisition Reporting
  • Behavior Reporting
  • Conversion Reporting

google analytics tool

Under each reporting you have sub reports that helps you understand specific parameter, like, under audience reporting, you can view demographic report where you can check age and gender wise traffic (or user).

Google analytics also enable us in creating our own dashboard (collection of reports in one report is called dashboard) which we can schedule & send to our team members, client or managers.

So I would strongly recommend that you should spent some time in getting familiar with google analytics tool & its key reporting features, which will give you an understanding about your audience as who is only coming and who is actually converting.

Want to understand Google Analytics Structure? Watch It Now!

Google Analytics Price: Free Free Free!!

4. SEMRush

In marketing it’s very important that we keep an eye on what our competitors are doing. From where they are getting traffic, what kind of backlinks they are receiving and much more. But where can we find these important data points? Answer is SEMRush!

Yes, SEMrush is one such tool that gives you all sort of data not only about your website but also about your competitors.

Some of the key feature that SEMRush offers are:

  • Position Tracking (track your ranking)
  • Brand Monitoring ( track an eye on how many times your brand or your competitor’s brand was mention online)
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Backlink Tracker
  • Organic Traffic Insight
  • Track Your Rivals Ads and the list goes on & on

SEMrush tool

Do try to sing-up for a 14day free trail and explore the tool, you may not be able to access all the feature as this is a premium tool but will get an idea as what all can be done via SEMRush. Also, working on SEMRush will help you in preparing you for some interview questions also. If you are wondering what kind of interview questions you can expect in your interview, read here!

SEMRush Pricing: The Basic Plan Starts With $83/month when billed annually.

5. Hootsuite

At any given point of time one can find and interact with an Indian or Global Brand on atleast one of these social media platform (sometimes even more)

But what if you are managing the brand, how will you manage so many social media platform for a single brand. Imagine if you have to put up a post, going to each platform and publishing will be so not digital, ideally it should be done at one go without login into all, correct but how?

Worry not, Hootsuite can help you with this.

One of the most widely used social media tool is hootsuite. It helps us in the followings:

  • You can track & manage your multiple social media platform
  • You can monitor what people are saying about your brand
  • You can schedule post across multiple platform at once
  • Create Dashboard for better insight
  • Can be used to manage your customer service (via twitter)

hootsuite tool

You should explore Hootsuite with free plan and you will be allowed to link only 3 social media platform, but the idea is to get a hands on experience on what all we can do via hootsuite. Do Try !!

Hootsuite Price: It’s Start with Rs.1250/month for individual.

So these are my 5 digital marketing tools that I think one must have hands on before entering into agency world or interview room. There are many such tools but as a fresher if you can explore and have a grip onto these suggested ones then it will be a good start.

However apart from these tools one must also work on upgrading their digital marketing skills. If You are not aware about what skills you must possess as a digital marketer, then have a look here!.

You can also check Canva (for image designing, for those who are not skilled with Photoshop, just like me!!) & Ubersuggest (one more keyword tool, but good one by neil patel)

So that’s all for now and thanks for reading! Will catch up soon with another blog post on digital marketing!!

Keep Learning & Keep Digitising!!

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